Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tyler's 6!

Tyler's 6 Minecraft Birthday

My sweet boy is now 6! Where has the time gone! Here are some fun things about Tyler.

*loves math and is very good at it
*loves everything minecraft
*Is a exceptional reader and is above a first grade level.
*started kindergarten 
*has a wonderful imagination 

We had a minecraft party in the park that included a scavenger hunt and Dion's pizza. Tyler loved having his friends and cousins there! He made sure everyone had fun and the weather was perfect right until the party was over then it started to pour.  So happy we were able to celebrate this amazing boy!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Brandon's 3 months!

Brandon is 3 months!!

Can't believe this little guy is three months! This boy brings so much joy to our family! Some fun things about Brandon...

He has become such a cuddlier.

He loves to talk to everyone that pays attention to him.

His has beautiful blue eyes!

Loves tummy time and has gotten really good at holding up his head and arms.

Gets so much comfort being up against Daddies chest when he sleeps.

He can roll!

A friend took these cute pictures of him to document this exciting time and show how much he has grown and changed! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tyler's first day of Kindergarten!

Our sweet and smart Tyler started kindergarten this week. He is attending the family school, Desert Willow, and we are doing the 50/50 (half home-school) program. Tyler had been on the waiting list for a year and we are so happy he got in. Jacob has decided to take this on and it has been a good experience for both of them! Tyler was nervous his first day but after coming home he told us that everyone was really nice and wanted to be his friend. So proud of this boy and his love of learning!


Monday, August 7, 2017

Brandon's Baby Blessing

Brandon's Blessing

This past Sunday we were able to bless sweet Brandon. Jacob gave a beautiful blessing and Brandon was content the whole time.  It was nice to have the family that is in town be there. We missed having Jared and Jenny's family along with Sam and Kiley's. After sacrament we took some family pictures. 

Family picture

Happy Jacob

The Wallace gang!

Beautiful Elise!

The Hobbs Gang!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welcome Brandon Thomas Hobbs

We welcomed a new member to our family, Brandon Thomas Hobbs. He arrived at 3:37am, weighing 8lbs 6oz. We got to the hospital with Momma being fully dilated and we had him a few hours later. He looks just like his big brother and his older siblings are so excited to have him in our family! They have both been such a big help! Here are the pictures from his newborn photo shoot!

My favorite picture of him!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tyler's Preschool Graduation!

Tyler has officially graduated from preschool! We are so proud of our sweet and smart boy! The preschool did a whole graduation ceremony followed by a pot luck. If was so nice and Tyler even got to wear a cap and gown. They made it very special. Much of the extended family celebrated with us, including grandpa Wallace, uncles Justin and Jeremy, grandma Hobbs, aunt Sharon, uncle Jerry, and uncle Michael. Tyler is ready for kindergarten and to take on the world!

                                                        Ms. Desiree & Ms. Cassandra

Getting ready

                                                           His whole preschool class!

My handsome boy!

Ms. Cassandra & Tyler

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Elise is 3!

Elise's Birthday

Our beautiful baby girl is 3! Hard to believe it. Elise is sweet, independent, feisty, and super girly! Here are some fun things about her.

She loves Frozen and knows Let it Go by heart.

She is such a little mommy to all her baby dolls.

She loves to get into mommies makeup.

She loves to dress up.

She knows the names to all the Disney princesses.

She loves to dance and sing

Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

We celebrated her birthday with family and friends at Dion's followed by cupcakes and playtime at a park close to our house. This girl is such a blessing to our family!

Sporting her Frozen wear!

Loving all her presents!

Her baby doll bed from Aunt Sharon & Uncle Jerry

Present from her cute cousin Joey

Elise with Laila and Aiden at the park