Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning I picked up my dad and we opened presents at our house. Tyler had a fun time ripping the paper off his presents, and Jacob surprised me with a giant metal flower decoration for my crafts room!

We headed to my uncle Michael's house, and had treats and green chili stew while visiting with everyone.

We had a late lunch at Buffett King and then went to Jacob's parents' house for a white elephant gift exchange. Sam and Kiley assisted us in getting home, stoping at my grandma's on the way.

We waited for about an hour before Jeremy skyped us from California. He is doing well and still serving in the Polynesian ward. It was great to see and hear him.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Tonight we visited my mother in the Memorial Park and put luminarios on her grave, along with the graves of my grandparents, uncle and aunt. The cemetery was beautifully lit up by luminarios on many of the graves, frequently in a circle or the shape of a cross. It was sad to pass by the part of the cemetery where families had gathered around the graves of lost children; it looks like every single one of those graves was highly decorated.

Afterwards, we visited old town and paid respect to the beautiful Catholic church there, which was simply decorated with a small nativity and soft music in the background. Tyler preferred the "live" nativity just outside the chapel. The best part of Old Town, however, had to be the enormous Christmas tree, with a barbershop group singing underneath it. 'Twas a merry evening. Jacob bought some mistletoe and insisted on holding it above me.

We headed from there to historic old town where the streets are blocked off for cars to tour the highly decorated homes. In one of the homes we visited with the Litchman's, a very kind couple who had plenty of treats and Christmas cheer to share with their friends. It was a fun and memorable Christmas Eve, and I'm sure that my mom was enjoying it with us.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Primary Christmas Party

The awesome primary presidency planned a wonderful dinner/ party for all the teachers in primary. We had yummy soup with bread bowls and there was even a hot chocolate bar. Unfortunately no teachers showed up and it ended up being the three of us in the presidency, but it was fun and it gave us a chance to visit. I work with some amazing women in primary!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall Family Pictures

Sam (Jacob's brother) took our picture for our Christmas cards. Aunt Kiley got Tyler to smile. The second picture was taken by Papa Hobbs. So grateful for my little family!

Christmas with Momma & Papa Hobbs

We had our parents over last night. Dinner was steak and mashed potatoes, followed by an early Christmas celebration. We opened presents - Tyler had a clear favorite, a brand new "Cars" scooter that makes all kinds of sounds. Then we played games and had ice cream and brownies for dessert! We feel so blessed to our family!!