Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baby Elise

Eight days ago our family was blessed by another addition. The labor was short, beginning at about 11:15 in the morning and ending at 4:28 pm. She had a full head of hair, and the cutest little cry. The doctors weighed her at 7 lb, 8.4 oz, but took off 0.4 for the tags on her arms and legs. She was measured at 20 inches long, and after she was born Jacob and I got to hold her and be with her by ourselves for an hour. Then we started calling family to inform them of the birth, and we entertained guests for the rest of the evening.

The first night was pretty restless. Little Elise slept well but woke up every hour or two to feed, and the feelings were rather long. The next day she was uninterested in eating and only wanted to sleep. Although her blood sugar was at a good level, the doctor had us stay another night to make sure all was well. Our nurse took Elise away between feedings so we could get some sleep after such a stressful day (from trying to get Elise to eat... we had multiple nurses and lactation consultants offering advice, when all we really needed was rest. This was also the day for pictures, tests, and other interruptions).

Each night we got to see Tyler (he was with his grandparents and having a blast), and the third day we finally all went home together. Elise has since done much better in the comfort of our home.