Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Family Pictures

My Awesome friend Ashley Shaw took our family pictures the past weekend in the Bosque. She takes beautiful pictures of Elise and I love the these picture she took of us. So thankful for my beautiful family! 

Loves riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Still gives me butterflies...

Love that smile!

This one was one of my favorite!

Loves his baby sister!

Fancy Date at The Melting Pot

On 24 July we had reservations for dinner at the Melting Pot. We were both new to the experience. The atmosphere was neat; our eyes had to adjust to the dark, and our waiter was really nice. Our booth was separated from the others by walls, so it was a very private setting.

For drinks, Jacob had a blackberry pomegranate Italian soda with cream, and I had Dr Pepper.

We weren't sure what to expect, and so at first ordered the Classic Alpine, and those Swiss cheeses were just too strong for us. We had our order changed to the Spinach Artichoke fondue, which we both immensely enjoyed. Jacob ordered the premium dippers, and I had the default bread and vegetables.

I went with the 4-course experience, and so had the house salad and the classic entrée. We went with the coq au vin cooking pot, and Jacob tried the honey orange duck breast, chicken pot stickers, and andouille sausage. I think the Angus Beef sirloin and the potstickers were our favorites. I liked the sweet and sour dipping sauce the best, and Jacob preferred the curry pudding.

For dessert we had the Original. Jacob requested additional graham-cracker crusted marshmallows, and made sure he got every last scrap of chocolate in the pot. I get the feeling it will be a long time before we ever come back... :/

Putt putt

Last year on my birthday, the movie we wanted to see was sold out. So, Jacob took me miniature golfing instead. On Saturday 19 July, we took Tyler for the first time! His very first shot was a hole in one.

He soon tired of the sport, and occupied himself with playing with the giant mushroom and other statues in the park. We witnessed an ambulance, fire truck, and police officer deal with a sleeping man on the side of the street. This all happen while playing Putt Putt. Fun day!

Wallace Family Reunion

The first week of July we had our Wallace family reunion. We have one every three years, with family coming from Canada, Washington, California, and Virginia. We missed the last one (which was in California), so it had been a long time since I had seen this side of the family. This was the first time many of them had met our kiddos and Jacob. We got together every night to have dinner, and the kids and I joined them occasionally during the day for activities like swimming and Old Town. Tyler adores his two older cousins Alexandra and Trevor and the feeling was mutual. They watched out for him and spent most of the reunion playing with him. So wonderful to see my family!
Alexandra and Elise

Rebecca & Ryan

Trevor, Rebecca, & Tyler at the Zoo

Fun on the train at the Zoo.

Uncle Jeremy & Elise

Great Grandma Back with Elise.

Fun watching fireworks

The cousins

Aunt Cindy with Elise and I in Old Town

Aunt Dawn & Uncle Dicky

My cousin Abby and me

Great Grandma Back with her sons

Group Shot

Grandma & Grandpa Backs
Aunt Denise with Elise