Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Scrapbook Club

Every month some ladies and I get together to scrapbook. I sell Scrapbooking products so we pick a paper packet from our catalog and I create a layout and two cards with it. Everyone does their own version of the layout. It's a lot of fun and I am able to do something I love! Here is the layout and cards we did this month.

     The layout I created for the month.

      Along with the cards

    Joy's version

Heather's version

Fun in the Snow

Albuquerque had a major snowstorm! Be deal here. Jacob, Tyler, and I got to play in it last night and again this morning. We also got to play some fun boards games together and enjoyed the warmth of our home after being outside in the cold snow. So beautiful! Glad it lasted a while.
So excited about the snow!

Playing in the empty street

Elise didn't know what to think

Snowman made by Tyler and Daddy

Elise's Birthday

On February  17th our little princess turned 1! The following Saturday we were able to have two little birthdays parties for her. Both included pizza and cupcakes. One in the late morning for her sweet little friends and a later one with just family. It was a fun day for everyone and she receive a lot of sweet and thoughtful gifts! So wonderful to have such wonderful friends and family close. Fun things about Elise at this age. She loves to climb on anything and everything. Her favorite words are "dada" and "tickle". She has masters walking and has wonderful balance. She is in the 7% for her height which means her 12-18 months clothes will fit her for a while. She loves water and baths. So blessed to have this little princess in our family!!

Daddy and Elise

Watching Elise open presents

So happy!

She was amazed with the candle

Loved her cupcake

Group shot

Pin the spot on the ladybug

Had so much fun opening gifts

Great Grandma and Elise