Sunday, May 17, 2015

Camping Adventures in Elephant Butte

This weekend we had a fun overnight camping trip with some good friends! On Friday, May 15, we drove to Elephant Butte and set up camp at the Lion's Loop area, spot 64. We had a nice view of the reservoir from there, and our friends the Keith's arrived soon after we got settled. We had a taco salad dinner and the kids walked down to the beach and played in the sand for a little bit. We had cherry vanilla cream blue sky sodas and s'mores for dessert. Ryan Keith played a little guitar and the kids played in the Keith's gigantic tent. The stars that night were very bright and filled half the sky, the other half being cloudy. Our little family fit snugly in our small tent, where we had several layers of blankets and sleeping bags to keep us warm.

On Saturday we woke up early to have some burnt oatmeal breakfast (the camping stove heated things a little too quickly), and then headed to the Butte to have the kids play a little more. We returned to our campsite to find Jacob had mostly packed it up (it gets really windy if you wait), and we had a 9am snack time of kettle corn and cheeze-its. Tyler and Conrad decided to explore the sand dunes outside the camp for the next half hour, after which we headed back to Albuquerque. For lunch we finally tried the Cafe 66 New Mexican restaurant by our home which we hadn't had a chance to try yet. It was delicious. We then got to meet our cute new niece at Presbyterian.

    Tyler playing by the water

   The beautiful view from our campsite.


   Love that smile!

   Pretty girl!

   He didn't know how he felt about s'mores but loved them after he tried them.

   Best buds

   Connor, Tyler, and Sophie

    Ryan & Jacob

   Me, Elise, and Diana

    What we woke up to Saturday morning

   Our little tent. Think we might need a bigger one.