Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rio De Janiero Week 2

Week 2 Day 9-12
This week has been pretty relaxed so far. We have tried some amazing food and found a service that will deliver to our apartment for a $1.00 charge. It has been raining the past couple of days which has made going outside a little tough. The kids and I walk along the beach (praia de Icaraí) every morning/afternoon for at least an hour and go into town to window shop. It is so nice to be able to have everything so close and I feel very safe walking around town and enjoy it. It is fun to watch people stop to talk to Elise and Tyler. They pat their heads and touch their faces. So loving! I think Elise enjoys it a bit more then Tyler. I went to the grocery store the other day without Jacob. It was a little scary with my lack of Portuguese but I was able to by what I needed without saying hardly anything.

                                          The views of where we walk every day.

Day 13
Our friends Flávia and Alexandre took us out Friday night. We went to this beautiful park that overlooks the city (parque de cidade) followed by an old church (igresia de são francisco), and then dinner at the modern Art Museum (MAC). The have a beautiful restaurant downstairs. The food was 5 stars and the chef came out to talk to us and explain each dish in English. Very fancy. We then headed to a yummy ice cream shop where you serve yourself. There were lots of toppings. We enjoy spending time with friends!

                                          My forever family
                                          Good friends

                                        The beautiful church we stopped by.

Day 14
Today we woke up around 7 and drove up to see the Corcovado Cristo Redentor statue in Rio De Janiero. It was magnificent and the view was amazing! We stayed at the statue for a couple of hours and while we got into our cars to leave there were several monkeys in the trees that we were able to take pictures of.
                                          Street Art in Rio

              The largest Favela in Rio called Riochina (Little Farm)

The whole gang

After the Cristo we went into downtown Rio to see the Botanical Gardens which were amazing! In the 1800's there was a prince who lived in Rio for about 12 years with his princess. He had the garden made for her and when people would come visit them from other countries they would bring plants for the garden as gifts. So it has around 6,500 different species of plants. There are also McKay monkeys jumping around in the trees that will get pretty close. It is wonderful to see.

We had a yummy lunch and then went to a beautiful beach (in front of Barraca do Pepê at Barra da Tijuca) where we were able to play in the waves and collect sea shells. There are so many beautiful places in Brazil! Such a fun and amazing day!

Alexandre and Tyler

Coconut water. Elise couldn't get enough of it!