Friday, August 21, 2015

Idaho Trip/ Hobbs Family Reunion 2015

In early August we drove up to Idaho to see family and some friends. We started our drive early Friday morning on the 7th, and ran into the Knudsen's when we had lunch in Monticello.
We had dinner with one of Jacob's friends, Alex, in Sandy. We drove through a really big storm after dinner and finally arrived in Shelly Idaho around 11pm. We stayed the night with our good friend Sam and her family. Another friend from Utah, Alyssa, spent the night also and we were able to visit for a few hours before going to bed. I love these girls and am so thankful to have them in my life! They both served in our ward, which is how we met.

Saturday morning, we visited Sam's family's ranch. It was beautiful! They had horses, cattle, and four wheelers which we all enjoyed seeing and riding (we didn't ride the cows)! We also caught frogs and fed fish in their pond.

The kids loved being in the horses!

Before leaving for Idaho Falls we had lunch at a small restaurant called the Bone Store Bar & Grill.

After lunch we parted ways with Sam and headed to Jacob's cousin Heather's workplace to get my hair done. She is very talented and did an amazing job.

We arrived at Grandma Hobb's early that evening, and after she fed us we went to the hospital to visit Jacob's Aunt Connie. Connie has such a sweet spirit and it was so nice to visit her and have her tell us about her favorite things.

We spent Saturday and Sunday nights with Grandma. Sunday we went to church with her.

 Afterwards we visited Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda along with Scott and Gabby and their sweet family. Our kiddos really enjoyed playing with their second cousins, and it was so nice to see everyone.

The kids got along so well
                        Thankful for cousins!

We toured Scott and Gabby's house while Steve and Linda watched the kids. Just before 9 we dropped grandma off to see Connie again and visited with Brad and Julie and their kids. It was a nice visit and we were exhausted after getting home.

On Monday, we took grandma with us to Steadman's ranch (near American Falls), where Dan and Tam were having a family reunion. There were two big water slides along with a zip line. We ate subs and visited with all the cousins. It was such a blast and I am so happy that everyone met our kids.

After the ranch we celebrated Grant Hobbs' birthday and had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.

Cosette and Elise. They loved each other!
That night we stayed with Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda. It was fun visiting with them and Kelsey while Jacob visited Connie with grandma again.

The next morning, we had delicious toast and jam with "shakeology" shakes for breakfast, and visited with Aunt Linda and Jacob's cousin Kelsey. The drive home was long (partially because of lunch in SLC with Jacob's friend Brent & Kyle) and beautiful. Luckily, we made it in one piece. Great trip!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 6

Day 36 Sunday July 19th

Today we went sailing with Alexandre and Flavia one last time. It was such a beautiful day to be out on the water. We went farther out this time (to the north side of sugarloaf) and saw more things. We lost a hat and were able to retrieve it and I got to sit in the front much of the time.

                                                   Elise loves sailing

 After sailing and lunch, Tyler played in the playground (of the São Francisco sailing club) and the adults relaxed and lounged by the water.

                                                     Love that smile!

Day 37 Monday July 20th
As you may know, my friend Dee came to visit (starting Friday). She really want to see the Cristo Redentor statue, and because we had already seen it with Alexandre and Flavia, my friend Chris took us there, along with Sugarloaf! Both were amazing! 

                                              It was clearer the second time we went

We saw Sugarloaf at sunset (from Urca, the smaller mountain) and enjoyed the amazing view of the city at night at the top. 

                                          So glad we had a nicer camera to take pictures

                                              Best friends! I love this lady!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at an Italian restaurant (Mamma Rosa) where we had pizza and ravioli. After lunch we took the train up to the Cristo which we hadn't done the first time. The trains are fast and the view on the way up is breathtaking. It was also a clear day so the view was even better than the first time we went up! It was a fun, long day. We were exhausted by the time we got home!

Day 38 Tuesday July 21st
Today was rainy, so we didn't do too much. In the evening our family had Brazilian BBQ (at Churrascaria Verdanna Grill) with Jacob's professor Esteban, his wife, and our good friend Flavia. It was so good and fun to spend time with friends! 

                                             The food and drinks were so good!

Jacob's professor gave him these beautiful pencil holders and his beautiful wife Luciana gave me a lovely pair of earrings made by natives from the feathers of an exotic bird. So thoughtful! After dinner we enjoyed ice cream at a local place (Sorveteria Ally). 

At the end of the night we gave Esteban our gift which was a beautiful parrot made of rocks from Brazil. He jokingly told us that whenever he looked at it he would think of New Mexico. So many wonderful people we have met here!

Day 39 Wednesday July 22nd

We went to the mall (Plaza Shopping) today. We found some cute clothes for the kids and had lunch at a yummy crepe restaurant (Crepe Delícia) and Tyler was able to play in the minion area once last time. 

                                                          These crepes were so good.

 We had arabic food for the first time for dinner (at Kamilu's Comida Árabe, where the owner recommended delicious dishes and gave the kids free pastels and lemon cashew juice) with Flavia and fresh fruit juice (from Ponto Jovem). We gave Flavia some beautiful blue earrings we had picked out for her which she loved. It was a fun night!

Day 40 Thursday July 23rd

The day was spent getting packed and cleaning the apartment. The evening was spent at the beach watching the high tide. The waves were beautiful and it was very peaceful. We collected some shells and some of the sand from the beach.

Day 41 Friday July 24th
We spent today with my friend Chris from church. Chris has become such a good friend and I will really miss her. We went to a military base (Forte de Copacabana) for lunch (Confeitaria Colombo). It had an amazing view of the beach where we took lots of pictures. We all had different salads for lunch and the kids shared a waffle with apple jam. The kids and I shared a small yummy cheesecake for dessert. 

                                             One of the best salads I have ever had

                                                         Gorgeous view and beach

They love Chris

After we ate we went up a flight of stairs to get an even better view of the beach and see the fort with cannons. Tyler had ice cream and we looked around the base a bit.

 On the way home we saw more of downtown Rio. It was a good final day with Chris. That night we went over to Alexandre's mom house for dinner. We were joined by several friends. She made yummy pastels (my favorite snack in Brazil). She made some with cheese (queijo minas and mussarela), some with ground beef and peppers, and some with guava (goiabada). Tyler had a special one that was empty, with cinnamon sugar on top. There was so much food and she taught me how to make them. 

                                                                    Best thing ever

                                                              Cheese and guava

                                                                    Best Friends

After filling ourselves with pastels we made paper airplanes to toss out of their 9th story window towards the beach, and we used Alexandre's binoculars to view the Cristo. 

Before we left, Flavia and Alexandre surprised us with a whole bunch of souvenirs to remember them and Rio by! They are so sweet and we consider them such wonderful friends, like family. To end the night we enjoyed vanilla ice cream with raisins on top.

Day 42 July 25th

We spent our last day in Rio at the Itacoatiara beach, where they were having a bodysurfing championship. Many of our friends joined us, and we collected shells and Jacob swam with Tyler in the "prainha" (little beach) where the waves were smaller. The main part of the beach had very large waves.

                                                      Such a beautiful beach!

                                                   He loved playing in the sand and water

After swimming and playing on the beach, we had our final meal at A Mineira's. Luciana, Alexandre and Flavia took us to the airport, where we said our final goodbyes. 

                                                      This buffett was amazing!

                                              Gabrielle (Jacob's office mate) and Jacob

                                                      We both couldn't stop crying

                                                       We didn't want to say goodbye.

These guys have become some of our best friends!

Elise slept almost the entire duration of the first two flights, so we had very little trouble despite 17 hours of flying. Customs in Miami was a headache and very long - we almost missed our flight! Despite arriving at 4am, to get through the lines take about 3 hours.