Friday, May 20, 2016

Last Day of Joy School

This year has been so fun for Tyler in Joy School! He made some great friends and learned a lot. His first crush was a little girl from the ward named Berkley. The last day they had a party and performed a cute skit (their rehearsal was apparently pretty good, at least. They didn't feel like doing it again for the real performance! Like herding goats 😂). It was bittersweet to have another milestone reached. Tyler was loath to no longer have Miss Lindsey as his teacher. He loved her, and in fact she is why Tyler was eager to do preschool at La Petite - he thought he'd have Miss Lindsey as his teacher again. Love my sweet little guy!

 His complete Joy School class! Paxton, Jonah, Tyler, Berkley, and Lilly

Tyler's first crush Berkley!

 Final bow!

 Could he be any cuter!

 Tyler and Mrs. Lindsey!

These two has such a special relationship. He adores her!

Growing so fast!