Sunday, July 31, 2016

Girls Camp 2016- Girl on Fire

From July 26-29 I got to go to Young Women's girls camp as a leader! When I was younger, I loved girls camp and always wanted to go back, so I was so happy when I got the chance! The theme for camp was Girl On Fire (not intentionally sounding like the Hunger Games). The main thing we wanted the girls to get from camp is that "they can do hard things". This year we went to Gorham Scout Ranch, where there was a rock climbing wall, a zipline, archery, a shooting range, and swimming. Along with the fun things we did were the fun embarrassing things that make girls camp especially unique, like the "squirrel dance" that you had to perform in front of the whole camp if you lost something.

The first day (July 26), getting to camp was a fun start. We picked out our tents, explored the area and had opening ceremonies. The camp had a cafeteria so every meal was a feast! This first day we were able to take it easy. We had no idea how much work the rest of the week would be. 

The second day (July 27) we focused on the rock wall. This was hard for a lot of girls and brought them a lot of tears when they often couldn't make it all the way up, but in the end every girl in our ward had tried their hardest. They were all awesome and I was proud of them for doing such a hard thing. The rest of the day was camp certification (to show they could swim, etc) along with crafts. That night we could see the Milky Way so clearly that we had to wake all the girls to see it. Such a beautiful place!

The third day (July 28) was the group activities. This was all about the girls working together and relying on each other to do hard things. It was a bonding experience for all the girls. It also helped get them out of their comfort zones. The older girls including me were able to do the zip line. I was terrified but faced my fears and was so happy I did!

That evening we performed the skit that our girls had been working on for weeks, followed by a beautiful testimony meeting. 

The morning (July 29) that we went home was sad, but even though they would miss their new friends the girls were anxious to sleep in their own beds and take showers. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July


We went to Grandma Hobbs' home to have fun in their little pools, a BBQ, and fireworks. It's always wonderful to see family! We enjoyed all the festivities with everyone while Jacob was in Houston. Later in the evening the kids and I joined my brothers and Dad for even more fireworks. Safe to say our kiddos were happy and exhausted when they finally went to bed!

 Fun in the pool!
 Elise and Hannah
 Having so much fun!
 First time holding a sparkler!

 Elise was a little unsure.
 Grandma Hobbs and Elise
                            Aunt Jessica with Beau and Tyler